Order of PESS

- Morning(08:00~08:40) : Set up individual weekly plans(Planner)
- Morning(08:00~08:40) : Evaluation of the past week and check-up of Planner(by the guidance teacher)
Every Friday afternoon, periods 7~8
Group activity (6 groups having - 6~7 members each)
- Sharing experiences of the past week, reading this week's activity handout, and writing comments
The guidance teacher asks the students to make a 10~15 minute presentation about the activities they did during the past week and then ask for feedback. Then the teacher distributes the reading material for that week, tells the students to share their meditational experiences, and record what they have discussed in their Planner.
- Sharing experiences
With the group leader acting as a facilitator, every group member presents his thoughts. After the activity, the leader collects the activity handouts and gives 2008-05-09them to the teacher.
- The teacher only leads the overall process; all activities are done by the students.
- The teacher writes his/her opinions in the SQ, EQ, and experience sharing section.
- The teacher should guide the students to set up plans that are concrete and feasible.
EQ Development activity
- Ten people are in one group. Each group works in separate rooms.
- The leader in this activity consists of one homeroom teacher and two volunteer parents.
- Parent-Volunteers are chosen at the beginning of the year and they go through special training.
- A preparatory workshop should be done one hour before the program.